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NCAA Fun Facts!

Finkelmeier Orthodontics is so excited for the NCAA tournament that we decided to put a few fun facts together! We wish everyone the best with their brackets! And we hope you can be the first to have a perfect one!


1. The oldest coach to win a title was Jim Calhoun in 2011 at the age of 68.


2. The title of the youngest coach belongs to Emmett McCracken who led Indiana to the championship in 1940 at the age of 31.


3. Did you know Dr. Brett Finkelmeier played as a guard for Indiana University from 2007-2010 as a walk on?!?


4. The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (that's quintillion).


5. UCLA head coach John Wooden had the most national championships with 10.


6. The first NCAA tournament game was played on March 17, 1939 before 1,000 fans in Evanston,

Illinois. Villanova beat Brown 42-30 in that inaugural contest.

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