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Best Things About Going Back To School

School is a blast, and there are a few undeniably awesome things about going back after a summer away.


1. Seeing all your friends - Sure, you spent a lot of time with your close neighborhood friends, but now that summer is back in school, you get to see all your classmates and brag about all your summer activities.


2. Decorating - The best part for the girls, is all the awesome decorations you can put up in your locker from the mirrors to the cool shelving units to pictures of you and your besties!


3. Buying new school supplies - I don't know about you, but buying school supplies was always so exciting! From having the newest and best mechanical pencils, to having awesome pocket folders with pictures of your favorite bands, theres no denying the excitement!


4. Fall weather! - You can't deny that Fall is one of the best times of the year. Girls, you get to rock the skinny jeans, and leg warmers and guys, you get to rock those hoodies you love so much! Also, who doesn't like the smell of fall air, campfires, and last but not least, the SMORES!


5. Meeting new friends - For the kids going to a new school, or transitioning into highschool, meeting new friends is always so exciting. You get to meet people who might end up being your lifetime friends, or even meet your highschool sweetheart!


6. Showing off your new style - Fresh starts are always a plus of a new school year, especially if you made a drastic change to your look such as new haircuts, clothes, and your summer tan!


7. Spirit week - Dressing up, dressing down, and generally looking like a loon all in the name of school spirit can be pretty satisfying.


8. Friday night lights - If you have nothing to do on a Friday night, you can be sure that there’s still an exciting football game to check out!

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