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DIY Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again! Kids running door to door collecting yummy halloween candy. The most essential item is the costume, of course! So here are a few DIY ideas for the kiddos!


This super cute deer is super simple! All you need is a brown shirt, white spots, optional fur for the front, ear headband and a few twigs! It will sure be a hit in the neighborhood!


A red shirt, pants, and hat with a cookie platter full of gum will make the little one the cutest gum ball machine you have ever seen!


This costume is hands down the CUTEST but it will for sure take a crafty hand to make!


Have you seen anything more handsome than this little lumberjack costume? Most items here are found around the house! Just add a little of mom's makeup to the face to make that typical lumberjack scruff!


Painted pool noodles & red and orange felt are the basics to this adorable campfire costume!


A classic comes to life with this Jack and the Beanstalk costume! A green pool noodle, some fake Ivy and cotton is all you need!

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